More Good News About IUD’s!

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More Good News About IUD’s!

Previous studies have shown that IUD’s are associated with a lower risk of cervical and uterine cancer. Recent research (http://bit.ly/31kKfav) has also shown that women who use IUD’s may be less likely to develop ovarian cancer as well. About 14,000 women die of ovarian cancer each year, making it one of the deadliest gynecologic cancers. 

Researches pooled data from 11 studies. Overall, women who used IUD’s were 32% less likely than other women to develop ovarian cancer. 

There are 2 theories that might explain this relationship: Hormonal IUD’s may block the production of estrogen that might help tumors grow. Also, having an IUD in the uterus may create a low-grade inflammatory response, that might cause immune cells to activate and help prevent cancer.

IUD’s are not right for everyone. Talk to Dr. Obron if you would like more information.