Signs Of Perimenopause

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Signs Of Perimenopause

For most women, the challenges of menopause are talked about amongst mid-life women every day, but not perimenopause. Yet, women experience perimenopause before entering menopause and may not realize the symptoms which range from shorter menstrual cycles to night sweats.

As a women’s normal rhythm during reproductive years is disrupted, mood changes can also occur. These mood changes might easily be attributed to midlife stresses like caring for young children or adolescents, caregiving of parents and career and education issues. This may also be a time of considering one’s own mortality and considering the meaning or purpose for their lives. But, they can also be a signal that the transition to menopause has begun.

Jeffrey Obron, MD, a gynecologist and menopausal clinician, explains that “Women often share they feel depressed or anxious, and many more will explain having difficulty concentrating and even short-term memory challenges.” It is very common in perimenopause that menstrual cycles become shorter or more irregular or much heavier.

“In perimenopause, women may also experience fatigue, night sweats, hot flashes and a reduced libido, these symptoms should not be ignored but discussed with your gynecologist, who may be able to answer your questions and perhaps prescribe medication to ease symptoms,” explains Dr. Obron.

Dr. Obron, is a certified menopausal clinician through the North American Menopause Society. Their website provides a wealth of information on menopause, however only your doctor has the best treatment for you.